Monday, July 20, 2015

Anna Overload

Here is a post all about Anna because she is my world and she's almost 2! I can't believe she is been in our lives for two full years and yet I can't believe she wasn't with us all along. It's amazing how your greatest joys coupled with the 'here and now' seem to take up more life space then they actually have.
Anna LOVES her grandparents, aunts and uncles. She knows if I say "no" that she can run to any and all of them for a second opinion. She will persuade anyone willing to walk around looking for giniger the cat and flowers, jump on the trampoline, find her cookies and juice boxes, play basket ball, walk up and down stairs and go on any other adventure she can come up with. 
Anna does not like being left behind, having decisions made for her, being told "no", taking naps alone or doing anything that doesn't feel like its the coolest thing going on. She has become very opinionated and loves to feel like she is in control.
Anna really enjoys nursery, the toy section of every store, people her age willing to play with her, singing, dancing, jumping (on and off the trampoline), taking baths, swimming, swinging, sliding, pushing shopping carts, running free, being potty trained and wearing underwear, unloading the dishwasher, opening and closing doors, exploring, watching nursery rhyme videos on YouTube, watching Mickey Mouse Club House, Curious George, Martha Speaks and Daniel Tigers Neighborhood, and saying prayers, giving hugs, and giving kisses.
She has aquired quite the imagination and I love watching and listening to her while she plays. Every once in a while she will blow me away with the parts of a memory she can speak in words and it melts my heart. The other day she remembered an event from a week ago in broken sentences. "CJ play. Hold hand with CJ, Walking in the Jungle. Toucan with CJ!" I asked her if she saw fish and penguins and her yes confirmed that she was remembering going to the aquarium with her friend CJ looking at a Toucan and exploring the exhibits together. 
Everyone comments on how tall, well behaved, and intelligent she is. Or maybe those are just the things I remember, because I agree, and it gives me time to beam with some pride.
We are truly so blessed to have the opportunity to raise Anna. I am already mourning her adult years when she will go start her own life. I just hope I can raise kids that love hanging out with me as much as I enjoy them!

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