Monday, December 8, 2014


The Tuesday before Thanksgiving we had a cousin get together at Boondocks. Anna and I met up with Paige, Bre, Chase, Cameron, Serene, Dillon, Jessica, Kai, Carly, Amon, and Sydney. We enjoyed taking Anna around the arcade to win some tickets. She was more interested in stealing the balls and tokens then pulling out the tickets, We were so delighted that the employee on duty let us take Anna to play lazer tag. He made us all swear not to run, so we crossed our fingers, and took turns using Anna as a shield so we could destroy the other team. Not only did we outnumber them by 50% we also had a human shield. We play to win. Again, Anna was way more interested in the fluorescent dog then the game but I sure had fun toting her about.

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