Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Pressure of Perfectionism

 While living in New York we had the opportunity to rub shoulders with some incredibly talented people. We were in the cheaper part of the city which put us next to the Julliard students and other up and coming creatives. Mary Sauer is a very gifted artist. She approached me at church one Sunday and asked if she could paint me. I was so flattered to be asked. During the photo shoot I started to catch a glimpse of her vision and quickly realized that I had underestimated her. Sure enough, when I saw the final product I was stunned. I absolutely love both pieces she did. 
The smaller piece shown below was on tour and is now currently being sold for $850+. The one above is currently on tour and is not for sale yet, though I'm sure it will be even more out of my price range. For a while Mary Sauer was featured at Sloane Merrill Gallery.


mary sauer said...
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David Sauer said...

Great post! The larger piece is currently up at the Springville Museum of Art in Utah where is won the Director's Choice Award. I think it will be up until July so if you are around that area it might be fun to stop in and see it. The smaller piece was sold at the gallery in Boston a few weeks back where somebody fell in love with it. We were just at the gallery a few days ago and they were talking about how much everybody who came liked that painting. Just one correction. Mary is still represented by Sloane Merrill Gallery.