Thursday, April 24, 2014

Brenda Cookies

One of the first people I met in NYC was our dear friend Chelsea. She has showed up on this blog often and for good reason. She loves food as much as we do and she loves adventures. So yeah, we loved getting to hang out with her every chance we got (and will get).
Well, this adventurous social bug introduced us to her friend and roommate Brenda. Brenda has a gift. Anything she touches turns into the most delicious baked good you will ever lay eyes on, let alone eat. But really, she is an amazing cook and baker. She introduced us to her famous salted chocolate chip cookies. They have a unique and extensive creation process that turns these babies into THE best chocolate chip cookies you will ever have. They have a good amount of saltiness, high chocolate chip to dough ratio, perfectly thick, chewy, and dunkable.
One day I went to the mail box to find this package waiting. That's right a box full of individually wrapped Brenda cookies. Almost 20 of them. I quickly threw them all in the freezer to keep them as long as possible and started on my first one... Heaven. Pure heaven. 
I am so glad to have met such amazing women and to have a little memory of them each time I crack open a new cookie. Everyone needs friends like these in their lives.

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