Friday, February 28, 2014

When Motherhood Gets Messy

This morning while watching HGTV, eating breakfast, and waking up, Anna and I created the perfect storm. In general, Anna is very clean. She doesn't drool or spit up very often and her blow outs are few and far between. I think she has had 6 blow outs in her 7 months of life... that's pretty dang good. Also good to know is that Anna is very regular, like she poops every morning between 9 and 11. So while I was filling her empty stomach with rice cereal and formula from a bottle she stoped eating and started pushing, per her usual routine. The only problem was how much she had eaten right before pushing. She put her head against my neck, facing in, still pushing. Without warning three baby purges pushed every once of liquid out of her little stomach and all over both of us. Down my shirt, down my entire outfit, covering her face and clothes. So we ran, from the couch to the bathroom we ran. I riped our soaking clothes off and threw them into a pile. Getting her diaper off was another mess in itself. In my rush I forgot she had just pooped and in my diaper pulling off haste, I was reminded of the poop as it covered the already green bath mat. Oh boy. with clothes and bath mat in a pile and diaper in the trash we jumped in the shower.
After we were finally clean and dressed, again, we wandered back to the couch to assess the damage. The couch was clean, no carpets, toys, or blankets were touched. I was so happy to find that only the floor between the couch and the rug had been hit. I became so grateful that we had a washer and dryer in our unit so I could toss everything, including the bath mat, right into the wash. And in less than an hour it was if the messiest day had never happened.
It was a pretty funny show and I am so grateful that was it and that she wasn't sick. I'm sure that one day that mess will be laughably small in comparison to what lies ahead. So hopefully, (knock on wood) it won't ever be anything I can't handle with a shower and a washing machine.
I love motherhood, messes and all!

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