Wednesday, February 12, 2014

All Moved In

We've moved. 
We moved to Utah early November. With only a week and a half to pack up and move we decided to wait until we got to Utah to pick out an apartment.  We stayed with my parents while we started the hunt. I started getting frustrated after a week of hunting before we got a text from an aunt telling us about a great opportunity. There was a couple in North Salt Lake looking for a family to watch their house for a year and a half while they served a mission for the LDS church in New Zealand. We met with the couple many times and became really excited about the opportunity. Unfortunately, due to some health issues, their mission was put on hold. After not having a place of our own for two and a half months we were ready to find our own home. So, we started the hunt from where we left off, with even more motivation than before. Within a week we had found a great place. Great location, nice price, and much appreciated amenities. Two weeks after hunting we loaded up my parents van and truck twice, and that was it, we were with all of our stuff in one place for the first time in 2 years. 

We are currently living in Murray, Utah. We are right on the TRAX line and so far its great. Its a 2 bedroom 1 bath (like 2 1/2 X the size of our studio in NYC) on the 3rd floor of a 4 story walk up. We may not be in the huge house and established neighborhood we had hoped to be in but we are still here and happy to have you come visit and explore SLC with us! 

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ness said...

Glad you found a place to call home! Those apartments are super cute, and at a great location. Good find!