Monday, March 11, 2013

A Little Bit of This and That

I experienced my first Big Mac this winter. Wow, what an experience, definitely a step up from my usual dollar cheeseburger. While it was quite delicious, nothing compares to the real thing from almost any other burger joint for a few bucks more. Sorry, McDonald's.


We are making sure Anna knows who to cheer for by buying her the proper gear.  I couldn't resist picking up this adorable shirt for our future daddy's girl.

In other news my name has been permanently printed in three of Graphis Inc's annuals and our new website finally launched. It's all exciting times here in NYC.

We are working on cutting sweets out of our diet, but doesn't all of this candy look so fun? We have stumbled upon a few crazy candy stores including this one. It's so hard to stay healthy around so many delicious places.

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