Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Picture a Day

As of late I have been very into fashion blogs and it got me thinking about how I look. Some times I feel like I am really working an outfit, ya know? And then there are days where I hope people don't ask me if I'm feeling okay. So with the help of my lovely Zachary I got a picture of my outfit every day for a month. I did it to see what my patterns were in clothing and hair style.

This ended up being very revealing and I found out a lot about my style for better or worse. Some days worked out better than I had planned and others were complete fashion disasters. Stay tuned for the good, bad and the ugly.


Kelle said...

I love your third outfit. It is awesome. I really have loved this fashion twist. You have good taste. Keep up the good work.

McKay and Ashley Pearson said...

You are always looking cute! Can you come shopping with me when I'm done being pregnant?!

Zach and Sara Allen said...

Haha both of you girls have inspired my style.