Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow, School and Famous People

I must say I am enjoying the beautiful winter wonderland. I think i would enjoy it more however if i was sitting by a huge window with a fire place and a good book. Instead i have a small window and no time to read a good book that isn't class related. School as an elm. ed. teacher means a lot of busy work so it is keeping me on my toes but i am enjoying most of it. 

Shirt:Gift (Thanks Paige)/Jeans:Levis/Boots:Red Wings (That's right, first pair of Red Wing boots)
Speaking of amazing fashion and my famous person.... 
I was meeting a friend at this little place on campus called Freshens. I was sitting with Zach and my friend feeling pretty cool when the Daybook girl walks by. She was standing in line to order and I just about died. She is a fashion blogger and she is just as beautiful in person. I wanted to talk to her or get a picture with her but i felt to weird, like i was super stalkerish or something and then i realized how much teller i am then her and of course i was super self conscious of my outfit. So she ordered and left and i missed my chance to meet my fashion idol. I know crazy right? I am just glad i wasn't wearing one of the outfits of hers i like to copy almost exactly. 
And yeah, Zach loves to tease me about it. 

If you have not herd of her you need to check out her blog. Seriously the cutest, modestly dressed girl in Idaho. 


Kelle said...

You should totally talk to Sydney (Daybook girl) she is really sweet. I used to work with her husband and they lived above us when we were going to school in Rexburg. Enjoy the winter wonderland for me.

Zach and Sara Allen said...

If I ever see her again i am definitely getting a picture with her.
p.s. Kelle I still can't view your blog even after the e-mail :(