Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Last Post - Boots

A new addition to the Allen family means a new family boot picture. Clyde's boots lasted one picture. 

How cute are these two? Clyde and Anna sure have some great genes.

I wanted to end this blog on some lovely family photos and stop cleanly at the end of 2015.

I used the blog as a way to keep us connected to friends and family while we were in New York. Now that we are closer to family and Instagram has become so prevalent, I feel like my time can be better spent elsewhere.

So, until we end up in distant lands, I will end this blog right here. You can see what our family is up to on Facebook and InstaGram.


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Brunetta Two Lenz said...

Great photos! Micoculture, Inc. mistakenly sent me and invoice meant for you #1295. I called them to correct the problem and call you to let you know about amount due, $21.00. Don't want you to be called to court, my good friend.--Love, Two Lenz, still 4276 South Main, 801-648-3211.