Saturday, December 5, 2015

How Big Sisters are Made

When Anna first saw Clyde she tried to pretend she didn't. I am sure she was beyond confused about what I was doing holding a baby she had never seen before and in this strange place, and why was everyone so obsessed with him?... haha. It didn't help that I was covered in band-aids and had an IV sticking out of my arm. It was a little much. At one point, we took his hat off so she could see his hair and she backed away insisting that we put his hat back on.  

The next day she was more willing to look at him and sit by me. She got braver as we tried to explain that this was baby Clyde, who had been in my belly, who was coming home with us. She was pretty proud to be called a big sister. Before we left the hospital she even gave him a kiss. 

Now three weeks later she is quite protective, rocks him in his car seat to keep him happy, retrieves the pacifier, throws away his diapers, gives him hugs and kisses, and loves trying to hold his hand. 
I am so in love with my cute little family. 

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