Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Call

This will probably only happen once in their lives, so I think its worth documenting, that father and son are bishop at the same time.

Zach was called to be the bishop of the Millcreek 5th Ward last Sunday. Zach was extended the call only the week before. It was overwhelming and terrifying, but we have both felt significant peace and a strength beyond our own this week. We have a unique ward made up by a majority of apartments, so we have not been asked to serve for the 5-7 years a bishop would normally be asked to serve. When job or housing moves us away we will be able to step away, though we aren't going to try jumping ship too soon. The past two bishops were only in the ward a year so we're grateful to know it won't last long. You can do anything for a year, right?

We have had many congratulate us on Zach's calling. While I initially felt that condolences was a much better term, I do feel grateful to be worthy of such a call. I also know that we will be blessed, and that those blessings will make up for the hard days, weeks and months ahead. I would not wish this for myself or anyone else, and I was hoping that it would not happen especially while we have a one-year old.

This will be a huge learning year for us. I'm grateful for all those who have already offered shoulders to cry on, advice, support and friendship. I am sure that I will be learning how to ask for help and balancing my time a little more wisely. We have met some incredible people in the last six months and I know we will meet people that we will never want to say goodbye to when our service here is over.

Here is to being more than just Anna's dad. I personally cannot think of a more capable man to take this on (though I wish someone else was asked...) and I know he will do an incredible job. I'm grateful to be married to such a good leader and teacher and pray everyone else will be able to see these qualities as well as I do.

Thank you all for your love and support.

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April said...

We are truly proud of you two. Zach will do an amazing job. I just can't help feeling that you guys are being prepared for future assignment through him being Bishop of a ward such as it is.