Thursday, June 27, 2013

Baby Shower

Two sweet ladies from Church hosted a baby shower for me and little Anna. One of them is featured with me below showing off our 7 and 8 month bellies. I completely forgot to take any pictures while everyone was visiting so it looks like I was just alone with all this delicious food but I promise I had an exciting group to laugh and eat all of this with. It was so much fun to talk to all the wonderful women who had already experienced becoming mothers and feeling their support. The biggest piece of advice I walked away with was essentially this, I was born to be a mother, I will be helped along the way and I am capable of raising Anna. In the end of all the tips and tricks I was given I was reminded to take what I could use and leave the rest and to not get overwhelmed by everyone else's opinion, mine is the only one that matters. Thank you ladies for helping me feel more empowered and excited than ever!

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