Wednesday, April 10, 2013

People Watching Wednesday

I enjoyed the most entertaining ride home on the train a few weeks ago. I got onto an incredibly crowded train with nowhere to sit. I quickly realized I was surrounded by a large group of elementary kids who had just gotten back from a Nets game. They were all wearing matching shirts holding autographed pictures and programs and eating post game bagels. Watching them interact and be loud and goofy was entertainment enough...but it got better.

At 59th street a performer and a beggar got on the train. I got a bit nervous about who would win the fight for the attention of the train car. Kids vs. Dancer vs. Homeless Man. The dancer and the kids won. The dancer started his routine and got the kids 'ohing' and 'awing' with ease. At the end of his routine he was smiling and letting the kids talk him into showing him some of his tricks. It got better.
The dancer turned on the 'Harlem Shake' song and the kids went wild! At this point in the game there is no hiding the smile on my face and the laughter escaping my mouth. It was all too cute and fun. The kids were on the seats and jumping around doing their own versions of the 'Harlem Shake' as well as they could.

The dancer got off the train at the next stop but the high energy, joy and excitement that only kids can give off for so long, continued until they all got off five stops later. It reminded me of why I enjoyed teaching so much. Kids are a blast!

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