Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sledding Hill

I got to spend a little less than a week in Utah before my sister, Kimberly, entered the MTC. She leaves today and I am so excited for her. 
I flew into Utah Wednesday night, late. So when I saw that Ricky was home sick on Thursday I made him take me up on the offer to hang out and scope out the sledding hill with me.  We made a mini snow man and tested the hill with a broken sled. Definitely too powdery for a real fast run.

That night however was nice and icy. It had melted just enough in the day to create a nice slick crust. I was too big of a wimp to go down more than twice and designated myself the camera woman of the night. Holly was kind enough to teach me a few tricks, so I hope to improve my picture taking skills a little faster. 

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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