Wednesday, December 1, 2010


We started the week off with some great beauty school fun. Laura waxed Zach's nose hairs and then dyed my hair. It was awesome to get some Laura time and a smidgen of new hair color.
 On Tuesday we headed to Provo to steal Kimberly away from school before the "storm of the century" hit. Wow were we glad to be home before the light snowfall hit. We had a good time touring campus, riding on the rolling chairs and hanging out as a family.
 Thanksgiving was an excellent day filled with delicious food. In the picture below we are coloring, it is a tradition of sorts to decorate our place mats for each year since November/December is the only time they ever come out.
 For talent night Kim showed off her skills by creating our long awaited caricatures.
 Silly family picture.
 Oh what a cute family!
On Friday my mom, sisters and I went out with all the crazy shoppers and spent a solid 8 hours hunting for deals. I like to think i did pretty good walking away with an entire outfit for $10 from Forever 21, $13 king size sheets from Target and $20 set of clippers from Costco. Yay for sales!
Later that evening Zach, Kim, Meg, Mom and I walked around Temple Square to admire all the lights.

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